A Love of Food and Flavour

I was lucky enough to have grown up in a lovely part of the countryside on a farm in North Mayo, where we grew veg and fruit, milked cows and kept chickens. There was always our own lamb, beef and a salmon from the River Moy in summer. My grandmother was a character and a great cook and we all learned to cook from an early age. She had us gathered around the table topping and tailing gooseberries and currants for the year’s jam supply. We were a big extended family, so home-cooked food was the only way to go with an old Hamco range on the go day and night.

I loved the drama of food and cooking and learning how to get flavour into dishes over the years. We spent teenage summers baking sponges and pancakes for the want of something sweet.

I spent 10 years traveling around the world and learned so much more about food and flavour. There’s nothing I like better than gathering the usual suspects around my table for a well cooked meal.

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